Good Morning Wishes

Waking up to a good morning message can be a great way to start your day. Whether it’s for yourself, or for someone special, a good morning wish can help bring positive energy and happiness into your life. Here you will find some of the best good morning wishes, quotes and messages that you can use to make someone’s day brighter. From inspirational quotes to funny jokes, these messages are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. So go ahead and spread some cheer with these amazing good morning wishes!

  1. Good morning messages for her

    • I woke up this morning with a big smile because you are my sunshine. Good morning, beautiful!
    • I’m so happy to see your beautiful face every morning, and I love that you’ve got the whole day ahead of us. Good morning to you!
    • There’s no other person in the world I would rather spend my mornings with and I’m so glad we get to wake up every day together. Each morning is a gift, don’t you think? Good morning!
    • You are my sunshine and my good mornings will only continue to make your day more fantastic.
    • You deserve a great big hug and kiss for being such an amazing woman, who knows how to keep me smiling through the toughest of times…I love you so much Good morning!
    • It’s really hard to be around someone who makes you feel like this every single day. I’m so blessed to wake up next to you every morning, how do you find the energy to make me feel this way each day? Good morning!
    • It’s a good thing that we share our life together because waking up knowing that your mine is such a blessing. You’re my favorite person in the whole world, and everyday I get better and better at realizing how much someone can mean to me… Good morning!
    • Each day without you feels like it’s twice as long as it should be, but at least we have each other for company…without you I’d be lost for words and feeling so tired to the point where I can’t even take care of myself. Good morning!
    • I let out a yawn before my hands were even all the way up, but there was no sound in the world that could stop me from smiling as soon as your arms wrapped around me…you’re more beautiful than anything else, and you’ve given me a reason to wake up each day with hope for tomorrow. Thank you for staying by my side and bringing a little piece of light into my life every day!
    • There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than laying here next to my sweetheart on her good mornings; it reminds me how lucky we are to share our lives with each other in every waking moment of ours…and love is worth fighting for, isn’t it? Good morning!
  2. Good morning messages for him

    • I look forward to waking up next to you. You are my morning light.
    • I cannot wait to see you this morning. I love the sound of your voice and how it feels when we say hello.
    • You’re my favorite person in the world, even though you don’t feel like it sometimes.
    • A fresh start every morning with you is what I need to get through another day.
    • Good morning! I hope today brings a big smile on your face as much as it does mine.
    • Because of you, today has got a chance at being better than yesterday. You taught me that no matter what happens in life, tomorrow can always be better than today. Thank you for always believing in me.
    • I can’t wait to start the day with you. I love the sound of your voice and how it feels when we say hello.
    • Every morning is a new chance with you because we know that no matter what happens, tomorrow will always be better than today. Good Morning Baby.
    • Good morning, my sweet angel. I hope your day starts off without any troubles.
    • Good morning baby! Hope this week is up and running as smoothly as possible for you baby boy. Have a lovely day ahead!
  3. Religious spiritual good morning wishes

    • May you find love that is always growing. – Sikh Greeting
    • May the part of the day you spend here be filled with love, happiness, and joy. – Buddhist Greeting
    • May your morning bring you inspiration for a new day to come. – Hindu Greeting
    • May this morning bring new opportunities for you. – Jewish Greeting
    • May the light of your life shine brightly and the warmth of your thoughts be kind. – Maori Greeting
    • You are the first rays of sunshine in my morning. – Hopi Greeting
    • May your day be filled with hope, happiness, peace, love, and joy. – Quaker Greeting
    • Here is a wish to bless you with health and happiness this new day that has begun. – Greek Orthodox Christian Wish
    • Greetings from a peaceful night’s sleep. May all the stars in the sky be a reminder of your dreams and wishes come true. – Irish Gaelic Greeting
    • May this morning bring you happy thoughts, peace of mind, and contentment. – Yoruba Greeting
  4. Beautiful good morning quotes

    • “Every morning I wake up and thank the universe for a day to live and a bed to sleep in.” – Queen Victoria. Good morning and welcome to the day ahead!
    • “The day is fresh and new, my friends–let us be grateful for another day.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Good morning! I hope the day is great from start to finish.
    • “It’s not how long you live but how well you live.” – William Osler. Good morning! Today will be a good one if we work hard for it and do our best.
    • “I found something new to say every morning when I wake up: thank you for coming into my life.” – C S Lewis. Good morning, let’s give thanks that this moment was just a dream. But let’s make this moment our reality.
    • “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she’s in hot water.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Good morning and let’s live life with courage and kindness.
    • “There are a thousand ways to kneel; none of them make you less human.” – Francine Prose. Good morning and I hope that today you’ll do something amazing!
    • “Don’t ever forget, even when the going gets tough, there are people who love you.” – Unknown. Let’s be thankful for those people in our lives who support us through good times and bad.
    • “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” – Neville Goddard. Let’s make this day count and live our best life!
    • “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” – Bill Cosby. Let’s find the humor in the unexpected today.
    • “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t seem to get my heart back.” – Jenny Han. Good morning and let’s focus on learning how to love ourselves again TODAY!
  5. Romantic good morning messages

    • It feels so good waking up in your arms everyday, waking up next to you each morning makes my heart soar with happiness. Good morning, sweetheart.
    • I know this weekend has been rough but I am glad you’re still here and by my side because with you, anything is possible. Good morning!
    • I have been thinking about you all day and it has been a beautiful day because I felt you by my side all the time. Have a good morning, babe.
    • My heart is full of so much love for you today, more than I can say. You are my everything and we are going to be happy together. Happy morning my dear!
    • I want to start the rest of our lives together, with us waking up every day together and getting through each new adventure. Have a beautiful day Honey!
    • It’s a beautiful morning because I feel like you’re next to me. You complete me. Good morning and have a memorable day!
    • I love everything about you and I am so happy that our love story is continuing. Good Morning, Darling!
    • It makes my heart feel so loved when you wake up like this, it really does make everything worth it! Good morning my love.
    • I know that we are good because you love me and I love you, it is what makes life worth living. Have a great day ahead.
    • Good morning my love, I’m so glad you are a part of my life. You make everything better.
  6. Sweet good morning messages

    • I always look forward to waking up to your beautiful face every single day. Good morning, honey.
    • We’ve been together for three years now and I still think this is the best day of my life.
    • I want to be the one who wakes up each and every day knowing that they are loved by someone so special.
    • You’re my sunshine, you make everything brighter and better when you’re around. Good morning, my sweetheart.
    • Good morning, beautiful one! May today be a day filled with happiness and joy.
    • Everyday is like a new beginning with you by my side! Good morning! Have a happy day!
    • You’re the most important person in the world to me and I hope today is the best day of your life.
    • You’re my sunshine on days that are dark and stormy, my joy when I’m in pain, and my best friend who always knows what to say. Good morning!
    • Every day is a fresh start, and every day with you is a new beginning. Good morning!
    • You’re the only girl for me and I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you so much! Good morning gorgeous!
  7. Good morning inspirational quotes

    • “Each morning when I open my eyes, I expect to see the world anew.” – Reinhold Niebuhr
    • “No matter what you go through in life, don’t give up. Some people may hate you. Others will cheat on you and still more will betray you. But remember this: not one of them is as important as the person who taught me how to love.” – Unknown
    • “The point of life is not to be on top all the time; it’s about being a human being. The point is not to be number one or number two or number three. The point is to be a human being.” – Joan Didion
    • “Be happy, no matter what is happening. Think positive thoughts when you wake up in the morning and give yourself a chance to start your day right.” – Oprah Winfrey
    • “There are two types of people in this world: those who let things happen to them, and those who make things happen.” – Don Marquis
    • “Every morning I rise with a purpose. Each day I set out in search of happiness.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.
    • “You are not a small part of this world, you are the whole thing. Just as the moon is always there, even when we cannot see it, you are always with us.” – Sharon Salzberg
    • “Our mind’s eye is an opening just waiting to be filled by our dreams.” – Annie Dillard
    • “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi
    • “When we become discouraged or depressed and think there’s no hope for us, we forget that true hope is always just ahead of us.” – Conor Grennan
  8. Good morning wishes for lover

    • You are the love of my life, and I am so glad that you are mine.
    • Thank you for being such a good person and supporting me through all my ups and downs. Have a wonderful day!
    • I hope your day is filled with all the love in the world up to its fullest potential, and I hope it makes you feel more alive than ever before!
    • I just want to thank you for always being there and being so understanding of my crazy work schedule. I really appreciate all that you do, every day.
    • Every time I’m feeling down or anxious, I just think about how much you mean to me and how amazing it is that we found each other-we’re soulmates! Have a great day and know that my love is with you always!
    • You are the sun-shining up in our lives; you make everything brighter when we are together
    • Thankful for our love, no matter what happens on this earth , no matter what troubles we may face, knowing that we are in each other’s arms is all that matters.
    • You’re my one shining light, my only reason to hold on. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!
    • It’s been a long day and I am so grateful for you in my life – thank you for being by my side, more than anything. Have a wonderful day!
    • You’re the best part of me and one of the most important people in my life; thank you for always being there and making everything better when it gets tough.
  9. Good morning wishes for friends

    • I hope your day is great, and I hope we are friends forever.
    • Good morning, my friend! Wishing you a good journey and a positive day ahead. May you enjoy every moment of your day!
    • Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day today and that all your dreams come true.
    • Have an amazing day today, my friend! May you be happy, healthy, and loved always.
    • Can’t wait to hear about your plans for the day ahead!It’s great to hear about what you’re doing and excited to follow along with you too!
    • Thanks for the awesome night last night, it was a blast! Have a great one today as well – can’t wait to see what new adventures we go on together soon 🙂
    • Hello beautiful friend, how are you doing? I hope your day is going well and that you’re enjoying what’s on your plate. Have a fantastic day and i’ll talk to you soon!
    • Hope the weather’s great where you are today and that you’re having a wonderful, happy, and amazing day!
    • Good morning, my friend – hope your day is going well so far! I can’t wait to hear about what’s happening with you today – we have so much fun together 🙂
    • It might not always be sunshine all the time, but know that no matter what happens in life we’ll always have each other in our lives. Good morning my best friend.
  10. Good morning positive quotes

    • I am confident today will be the best day ever.
    • The best way to predict the future is to create it.
    • Every day I’m bigger and better than yesterday.
    • The best way to change the past is to change the future.
    • He who has an hour to spare will never be poor.
    • Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.
    • Today might not be good, but it’s still day one of our dreams coming true.
    • If you want something done right, do it yourself.
    • There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.
    • I wish you peace and joy on your beautiful new day!